Part II: Clues For Knowing If You Are Being a Conscious Creator/Co-Creator During Unsettling Times

In March 2016, I presented eight of twenty-four clues for knowing if you are being a conscious creator/co-creator in your personal, societal, and global life spaces during unsettling times. Here I want to present briefly the next eight clues. Overall, the purpose in presenting and sharing these twenty-four clues is that as human beings we are, in my view, at a point in our evolution, individually and collectively, whereby we can figure out how to consciously choose to grow with joy. While the first eight clues might best be characterized as contextual clues, the next eight clues might best be characterized as energy perspective clues.

Why are energy perspective clues so important for knowing if you are being a conscious creator/co-creator during unsettling times? First, we already know how to grow with pain and struggle, as can be seen by the current state of affairs. We have yet to learn how to grow with joy. It is important, therefore, to understand that the flow of creative energy tends to follow where we “point” our consciousness, individually and collectively. If, then, we are to be conscious creators/co-creators during unsettling times, it is important to be aware of how we consciously channel our mental, emotional, and physical energies.

During unsettling times, to channel one’s energies positively and constructively, it is important to be aware of and to maintain one’s conscious focus on thoughts, beliefs, actions, and activities that are uplifting to one’s self and to others, and that appeal to, support, and nurture one’s own and others’ highest good.

Intuitively, we all know that violence and wars imply dehumanizing people, mechanistically viewing people as objects, and are not in the best interest of our highest good. Yet, on the world stage, we continue to witness many dramas involving violence, terrorist acts, and wars. In an earlier writing, I discussed what, in my view, were root causes of war (Fear and Projection as Root Causes of War, and the Archetypal Energies “Trust” and “Peace” as Antidotes, October/November 2000 edition of AHP Perspective). I share the link to that article here as this earlier writing has relevance for unfolding dynamics in today’s world, and to the clues for knowing if you are being a conscious creator/co-creator during unsettling times. The same can said for the violence and political rhetoric witnessed in the United States that do not support and nurture our individual and collective highest good.

So, here are the next eight clues for knowing if you are being a conscious creator/co-creator during unsettling times:

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 9: Conscious of energy around you, you decide when to be transparent, harmonize, or transmute it higher.

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 10: You are aware of your energy and the effects other people have upon it.

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 11: You are present in the moment–alert, aware, and at a higher level of observation all the time.

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 12: Your increasing aliveness, enthusiasm, and growth spark growth in everyone around you.

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 13: You create with energy before you take physical action.

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 14: You create by working with higher forces, directing your thoughts, emotions, intent toward your goals.

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 15: You create change by working at the highest spiritual level rather than at the personality level.

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 16: You stop before taking action, go within, and receive higher self guidance about what action to take.

In my view, therefore, we are entering a season of important and grand choices in the United States and on the world stage, politically and interdependently—ones that can facilitate our individual and collective evolution toward our highest good or ones that may stagnate that unfolding process. Let us choose wisely.