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Proposed by the Movimento della Rivoluzione Silenziosa (Movement of the Quiet Revolution), the XVI International Forum of the Person-Centered Approach will be held for the first time in Italy, at the Borgo di Tragliata, near Rome. The PCA Forum is an international meeting which takes place every two years all over the world. People from all five continents gather together in the spirit of the Person Centered Approach. It is also a community of human relationships which offers each participant the time and the space necessary to experience person to person encounter more fully, to create new relationships and to invent new ways of being deeply in contact with oneself. Anchored in PCA values, the PCA Forum is a venue for sharing knowledge and personal experience, enriched by reflexion and the participants’ own personal research. In a facilitating climate for participation, commitment and each person’s personal expression, there will be plenty of space for a program of seminars, small groups, experiential workshops, lectures, discussions, theoretical reflexion, dancing, festivities, etc. The community group will take place every day and constitutes the principle axe of the week. Around this the Forum’s program is structured flexibly so as to facilitate encounters. The non-directive climate is conducive to creativity, investigation and deepening personal development processes. The PCA Forum is a powerful and vial experience founded on contact, on congruence, on unconditional positive regard and on empathy. It is an incomparable means for approaching, discovering and getting to grips with the Approach founded by Carl Rogers, and also for experiencing it. Forum 2021 is organized by the Movimento della Rivoluzione Silenziosa which is a fluid reference point that links together many other realities present in Italy. Information, prices and the registration process can be found on the Forum’s website.