Awareness in itself is curative.
— Fritz Perls

Building Sound Self-Esteem

September 16 — October 14, 2021 online interactive zoom workshop Building Sound Self-Esteem   Regain Your Confidence If you’ve ever felt insecure or “less than” or compared yourself unfavorably with others, you’ll want to know about our upcoming “Building Sound Self-Esteem”workshop, which starts Thursday, September 16th. This workshop contains all the ideas, tips and techniques I’ve collected over the past four decades to help you feel more secure, warm and loving toward yourself and eliminate the debilitating effect that irrational guilt has on your life. That way, you’ll regain the confidence that may have eluded you and start creating the
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Virginia Satir’s Genius: An Overview

online interactive zoom workshop Virginia Satir’s Genius: An Overview   Virginia Satir’s genius had a profound impact on Humanistic Psychology, and it continues to resonate throughout our field today. She is a past-president of AHP and helped open psychology to viewing all members of each family as an interwoven, interactive system. She is often seen as the Mother of Family Therapy and there are currently two international organizations actively applying and researching her work. Her wish to be a “Detective about Parents” led her on a lifelong pursuit to understand family systems. She was a teacher and she believed that
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What’s Your Superpower?

June 29, 7 – 9 pm Central Daylight Time online interactive zoom workshop WHAT’S YOUR SUPERPOWER? Everyone has unique gifts and perspectives to share with the world, and they often go unnoticed by everyone, including ourselves. This workshop helps you discover and tap into surprising skills you had no idea existed. You can be the hero of your unique, amazing journey through life. Presented by Robert McGarey, M.A.
The Human Potential Center

How to be Assertive and Loving Too

March 25 – April 15, 2021 online interactive zoom workshop Our workshop HOW TO BE ASSERTIVE AND LOVING TOO is for you if: You’re sick of not speaking up for yourself You’re tired of being used as a personal punching bag You lose friends by being too pushy and aggressive You’re desperately trying to achieve a balance between being a good person and being used For the first time, this class is now available nationwide via Zoom. Developed and presented by Robert McGarey, M.A., Founder and Executive Director of The Human Potential Center, HOW TO BE ASSERTIVE AND LOVING TOO

Foundations of Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy

Satir’s Transformational Systemic Therapy Model (STST) is unique in encompassing both the intrapsychic and interactive components of therapy. Much therapy of the past has been focused only on clients’ behaviour, cognition or affect. The Satir Model is focused on the whole human being, tapping into their internal resources and universal yearnings to facilitate transformational change within their personal, family, and social systems. The Satir Model process facilitates development of increased levels of competence and congruence in the therapist. THIS PROGRAM WILL HELP COUNSELLORS AND THERAPISTS: Use experiential process throughout their therapy sessions to access healing Life Energy Explore and facilitate

Researching Humanistic Practice online video conference

This is a call for papers for, or attendance at, the Researching Humanistic Practice online video conference to be held by the Counselling Department at York St John University from the 7th to 9th April 2021. The conference seeks to explore ways in which we can begin to put the human being back at the centre of social institutions and mental health policy through our own humanistic practice. This conference represents a real opportunity for researchers, practitioners, students and academics to come together and discuss a wide range of humanistic issues within a supportive learning environment. Our hope is to

Robert S. Hartman Institute Annual Conference Virtual Session #3

Here’s a complimentary code for AHP. AHP2020RSHI • Here’s the Agenda and Full Conference Program. Next session 3 of 3 is November 10.** o **If AHP Members register they will get access to all three recordings – nine hours of recordings.** • To REGISTER – Go to this link: https://rshi.memberclicks.net/2020-annual-conference o Click Register o Will see an option to Join as a Member – $75. (Click “No Thank You” – if not interested.) o Next is conference registration – Click – Non-Member – enter in your contact information o AT THE END – ENTER IN THIS CODE: AHP2020RSHI (Conference will

The IHLRN Online Conference

We look forward to enjoying our treasured personal connections through the wonders of technology and hope you will join us. We will keep a similar format as we do at our in-person conferences, beginning each day with centering and connecting, followed by a plenary. There will be two 90 minutes afternoon sessions at 1:30 and 3:30 PM Pacific time, each with 3 concurrent workshops. The complete schedule is on the website: IHLRN.org. CECs are available.


On the first page of the presentation we have taken over what had been elaborated by Paris-Dourdan for the PCA2019 Forum, because we’ve considered it very very valuable. Why “Building Bridges”. To reach the most disparate parts of the world and connect, embrace, welcome. The parts of the world: ourselves and our parts, the exchange from person-to-person, from person to group, from group to group, from Country to Country. This is possible thanks to the Quiet Revolution. Rogers has been defined a “Quiet Revolutionary” and he wrote that: “To the degree that each one of us is willing to be
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Getting Un-Stuck

August 26 — September 9, 2020 online interactive zoom workshop Getting Un-Stuck How to Get it Done! Are there some important things in your life that never get done? Do you want to: Go back to school? Start your own business? Repair your relationship with a relative? Tackle a project that means a lot to you?   If you ever wanted to accomplish something but got stuck instead, you know how frustrating and demoralizing it can be. Whether it’s because of procrastination, or because the project is too big, or because it’s just too darn scary, people often postpone important

Move Over CBT – Paradox Psychology is in Town

The pdxi approach gained notoriety in the 1970’s when it was practiced by ‘master therapists’ including Milton Erickson, Salvador Minuchin, Virginia Satir, and others. Of all types of therapy, the absurd nature of pdxi makes it exciting to implement and observe. However, the mechanism behind the approach remained a mystery. This webinar will offer a simple and profound theory for the ‘method behind the madness.’ In so doing we present ideas and insights that challenge the most basic assumptions of traditional therapy and conventional wisdom. Bio of Presenter: Eliot P Kaplan, PhD, LCSW is the founder of the Paradox Psychology

International Conference on Existential Psychology & Carl Rogers

ICEPCR 2021: 15. International Conference on Existential Psychology and Carl Rogers The International Research Conference Aims and Objectives The International Research Conference is a federated organization dedicated to bringing together a significant number of diverse scholarly events for presentation within the conference program. Events will run over a span of time during the conference depending on the number and length of the presentations. With its high quality, it provides an exceptional value for students, academics and industry researchers. ICEPCR 2021: 15. International Conference on Existential Psychology and Carl Rogers aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars