Awareness in itself is curative. — Fritz Perls
From October, 18th to Octorber 24th, 2020 Where: Praça Pedro Sanches, Brazil The XIX Iberoamerican Forum for The Person Centered Approach aims to unite professionals, students and people dedicated to the PCA in order to facilitate growth, learning and communication to contribute to personal and professional experience, either through presentations or workshops in a person centered perspective.
March 25 – 29, 2020 Where: Warm Springs, Georgia, USA Participants from around the world gather in a non-structured environment, creating an experiential community infused with the necessary conditions: Empathy, Unconditional Positive Regard, and Congruence. Since 1987, the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation has been the rural home of this workshop. The Center was the second residence of the administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The “Little White House” nearby housed President Roosevelt six months of each year.
The Human Potential Center
March 21, 2020 10:00 am to 4:30 pm Where: The Human Potential Center, Austin, Texas –> VIDEO OPTION! Join the conversation from home. Just download Zoom.us and join meeting 512-441-8988. <– You’ve Never Experienced Dreams Like This “Understanding the dreams we have at night can make a big difference in the way we feel and perform each day,” says Robert McGarey, M.A. “But the way most people interpret dreams is sometimes superficial and may miss out on the profound emotional transformation our dreams can offer.” Dreams tantalize us with intriguing images every night. In this workshop you’ll use those images

34th Annual Conference “Peace Within and Peace Between”

The ADPCA Conference is a unique way to experience and learn about the PCA (Person-Centered Approach) and CCT (Client-Centered Therapy). It happens annually and aims to provide opportunity for self and professional development in an atmosphere where participants can freely express themselves. The experiential side of the conference combines daily large community meetings (encounter groups) and regular small groups, both being a central part of the conference. The academic quality is also very present and consists of person-centered practitioners, trainers and students from different cultural and professional backgrounds sharing workshops, presentations, discussion groups and/or practical demonstration sessions. At the conference, we also


May 30, 31, 2020 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Where: Back to You Counselling and Wellness 1970 Main Road, Nanaimo, BC With Anne Morrison, MSW, RSW Not forgiving is a kind of soul sickness that saps our energy and keeps us from fully accessing clear Life Energy to fuel our walks in life. It represents a kind of stuckness which is fuelled by our anger, disappointment, fears, and pain which block our healing and growth. Our injuries drain our spirit with great costs to our physical, emotional and spiritual health. They also keep us from being able to be fully

The Use of Sculpting in Therapy: Externalizing the Internal Dynamics

February 28, 29, 2020 (Fri/Sat) 8:30am to 4:30pm Sponsored by the Satir Institute of the Pacific Virginia Satir often used sculpting in her work to externalize the internal dynamics of what was happening both within and between individuals. Sculpting is a vehicle for change as it taps into the wisdom of the body to access possibilities that are out of an individual’s awareness. Memories are stored at a cellular level in the body. Sculpting is one way of accessing cellular memory and the subconscious knowledge that would otherwise be unavailable to them. In this experiential workshop, we will explore a