We connect in our sameness, grow in our differentness.
— Virginia Satir

Application for Seal of Endorsement

Take advantage of AHP’s 50+ year legacy and its historic connection with legendary founders and other famous psychologists like Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers and Virginia Satir, by applying for a Seal of Endorsement from AHP.

When you receive AHP’s Seal of Endorsement, your name and logo(s) will appear on AHP’s web site under “Endorsed Organizations” or some similar heading. You will also have the right to use the graphic of the seal itself, the phrase “Endorsed by the Association for Humanistic Psychology,” and the phrase “Endorsed by AHP.”

When you apply for AHP’s Seal of Endorsement, your application will be reviewed by our Endorsement Committee to confirm that your organization is an exemplary representative of the founding values and perspectives of the Association for Humanistic Psychology. It will then be forwarded to AHP’s Board of Directors for final approval. It is our aim to let you know the results of our review within one month of receipt of your application and application fee.

Some endorsed organizations have also chosen to offer additional benefits of their own to other endorsed organizations. Currently, The Human Potential Center is offering one free class per calendar year for up to three people from each AHP-endorsed organization or program.

Endorsement is available only for programs or organizations, not for individuals. There is a $750 application fee for endorsement, and the endorsement is good for 5 years after which time your organization must reapply. The application fee can be paid $15 per month by using the PayPal button below, though you do spend $150 less over the 5 years if you pay the full $750 up front.

By applying for endorsement, you agree to abide by our endorsement policies. If there are substantive changes in the information included in your application during those 5 years, it is your responsibility to inform AHP’s Membership Coordinator. If an endorsed program or organization is believed to be involved in actions that are not in line with humanistic values, AHP may at its sole discretion revoke the endorsement.

Please reply to the following questions by filling out the form below, and include any attachments in word processing, graphics or PDF formats. When we receive your application fee and your completed application, we will review your application and let you know our decision as soon as possible.

1) Please provide a description of the program or organization, its goals and founding principles, the date when it was founded, its organizational structure, and its major activities. Please include supporting documentation as appropriate.
2) Please explain the ways in which your program or organization is rooted in the values, principles, theories and/or practices of humanistic psychology. Please include brochures, links to web pages, and other information as appropriate.
3) Please provide examples of activities, workshops, conferences or other events that demonstrate ways in which your program or organization applies the values, principles, theories and/or practices of humanistic psychology. Please include titles, dates, locations, descriptions, and other advertising materials and/or information as applicable.
4) Please provide background information on principal presenters, organizers, board members and/or other key individuals that demonstrates their commitment to humanistic psychology. Please include resumes, curriculum vitae, web sites, academic degrees, work history, volunteer experience and other information as appropriate.
5) Please include up to 3 testimonials documenting the value of the work you do.
Upload your documents. (We accept word processors, graphics and PDFs under 30 MB. Let us know if you have any problems and we'll adjust the form..)

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