One of the most essential elements for survival
is the development of a greater sense of cooperation, of community,
of ability to work together for the common good. — Carl R. Rogers


You can play an important role in helping AHP extend its reach in educating the global community about Humanistic Psychology.  Your donation will help us to continue to provide high quality experiential conferences, online education, extensive price cuts and support for students and young professionals, and programming designed to reach the public.

Our ability to balance our commitment to publishing high quality research in Humanistic Psychology, while translating that research to practice and personal growth, depends largely on our members’ commitment to the same ideals.  Your donation represents your conviction that change is possible, and that you want to be an integral part of that momentum toward change.

AHP carries out its “transformational mission,” maintains its conscious focus, and acts as a “conscious global change agent” by sponsoring, alone and with strategic partners, educational event and projects, publications, and a global Web presence.  Examples of AHP activities include:

  • A Global Web Presence with “millions of hits” directed toward: an AHP Professional Directory; AHP Bookstore (with a special AHP authors’ section); access to other humanistic publications, bibliographies, and articles; calendar of events and workshops; links to humanistic schools and related organizations; links to a national and international network and resources.
  • Professional Publications (e.g., AHP Perspective and Journal of Humanistic Psychology)
  • Sponsored Events/Workshops
  • Endorsed Conferences like Quest for Global Healing in Ubud, Bali (May 2006), International Conference on Conflict Resolution in St. Petersburg, Russia (May 2006), International Forum on the Person-Centered Approach in Spain (May 7-12, 2007).
  • Special Events for Professionals like the International Professional Day on “Worldviews: Living in Separate, Virtual Realities” in Cancun (January 2006).
  • Co-sponsored Events with Strategic Partners (e.g., Institute of Noetic Sciences, New Dimensions Radio, Hay House, Spirituality & Health Magazine, Body & Soul Magazine, Association for Transpersonal Psychology)
  • Projects like The Perspectives Archives Project (50 years of AHP magazine articles and AHP President messages) and The Right to Choose Project
  • Joint Strategic Collaboration with the Association for Transpersonal Psychology (ATP)