Humanity’s Reckoning With its Race-Linked Wounds: Healing and Repair at Individual and Collective Levels

During these unsettling times, many hearts and minds require healing, particularly in regard to race-linked issues. Toward that end, I was asked by the President of Ubiquity University, Jim Garrison, to put together a five-part series of panel discussions for an ongoing virtual global summit, called Humanity Rising: A Global Solutions Summit.  I titled the five-part series “Humanity’s Reckoning With Its Race-Linked Wounds: Healing and Repair At Individual and Collective Levels.”  These panel discussions took place in April 2022. As a species, Humanity is seeking to evolve its individual and

Finally — Conferences!

We know you’ve been yearning to get together IN PERSON with other AHP members, haven’t you? Well, now you have a chance! Here are some upcoming humanistically-oriented conferences that you can attend around the globe. Virginia Satir-related IHLRN’s 53rd annual conference will be November 6-13, 2022, in La Quinta, California in the Palm Springs area. For almost three years we have been unable to hold our weeklong conference due to Covid concerns; we continued to meet, but only on weekend zoom conferences. The full week conference is back and promises to

Congress Needs to Hear From the Health Voice

Congress Needs to Hear From the Health Voice  With the recent ruling from the Supreme Court regarding the Clean Air Act, it is more of an imperative than ever that we act now. Action this year remains possible. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to protect and promote health by encouraging policymakers to invest in climate action and clean energy. Join us in calling on your elected officials to seize this critical moment for climate action. Email Your Members of Congress In response to last Thursday’s decision in West Virginia v. EPA, the Medical

Earth Day Action Alert

Earth Day Action Alert from the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health On Earth Day, Health and Human Services launched an initiative to catalyze the health care sector to decarbonize. HHS is asking health care institutions to join a voluntary pledge to decarbonize and plan for climate resilience to best protect the communities they serve. To move our health care institutions toward signing, we’re reaching out through our state affiliate and individual advocate network. We’re asking you to write to your clinic directors, health care CEOs, or other leaders within your institutions asking

The Subtle Consciousness Underlying The Human Drama

AHP President Carroy “Cuf” Ferguson talks with Alan Levin about consciousness, the multi-dimensional nature of reality, and how that intersects with our personal and collective experience as humans navigating issues of peace, justice and our issues concerning race.

In Tribute to Pete Sanders by Erin Stevens

The devastating news of Pete Sanders’s death will undoubtedly be felt across the counselling professions worldwide, such was his talent, influence and generosity of spirit. I know that tributes will be many, and I am not going to use these pages to list his tremendous achievements, the way in which he shaped person centred counselling in this country and beyond, and his pivotal role in bringing politics to the forefront of our consciousnesses as therapists. Those stories are important, and I know I am not the best person to tell

Annual Meeting of the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health

Register for the Annual Meeting and Online Visits to Congress March 5-7, 2022 Please join us virtually for the Annual Meeting of the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health starting Saturday morning, March 5, through Monday, March 7, when we make online visits to Congress all day. Learn about recent progress and join the effort to accelerate the climate, health, and equity agenda this year. Register today! Keynotes: Gina McCarthy, National Climate Advisor, White House Office of Domestic Climate Policy Admiral Rachel Levine, Assistant Secretary for Health, U.S. Dept. of Health

An “Inner” Dialogue and Message From COVID-19 by Carroy (Cuf) Ferguson, Ph.D.

David Bohm, one of the most significant theoretical physicists of the 20th century, contributed ideas to quantum theory, neuropsychology, and the philosophy of mind. Bohm’s main concern was with understanding the nature of reality in general and of consciousness in particular as a coherent whole, which according to Bohm is never static or complete. As an American-British scientist, he developed a mathematical and physical theory of “implicate and explicate order” as a way to understand the nature of reality and consciousness. In alignment with that theory, he also developed what

Spiritual Synchronistic Events Related to Personal Loss

NOTE: This article is from the AHP Perspective Magazine – August/September 2012 issue. This article and other articles from prior Perspective issues can be found on the AHP website – Recent personal events are proving to be an evolving story, and one that my family and I are learning from on a continual basis. How we view these events, and more importantly, how we proceed in our lives after these events, is the key to determining if we are to grow or remain stagnant. In July 2010, my one-year-old

Humanistic Psychology is alive and well — in Peru!

AHP may be based in the United States, but Humanistic Psychology is alive and well all around the world! Keep an eye out for our upcoming Membership Directory and you will be able to see members who are doing amazing work all across the globe. From Azerbaijan to Russia, from Brazil to Argentina, from Denmark to Poland to Australia, humanistic psychology is changing lives for the better. Two quick examples. We love our sister organization in Britain, AHPb, and they have been holding workshops and conferences and producing their journal Self

Undoing Racism: Archetypal Energies, Race Relations, And Decolonizing The Anti-Black Racist Mind

Undoing Racism: Archetypal Energies, Race Relations, And Decolonizing The Anti-Black Racist Mind Dr. Carroy (Cuf) Ferguson, Ph.D. There is a deep yearning at play in the United States and the world to heal what I have called the race-linked wound in the human psyche. While that yearning has been ever present historically, more recently it has been given more conscious visibility through the expression of the Black Lives Matter Movement.  To a large extent, the yearning is a call to undo racism.  As such, the yearning and call to

Love For Family and Loved Ones In The Context of COVID During The Holiday Season And Beyond

  During the holiday season, we all have a deep yearning to be with family and loved ones. In my view, that yearning is the eternal call of the soul toward Unity, fueled and energized by Love.  In that light, Love sees no barriers while Fear does. The expression of Love, however, can take many “forms” and can be expressed and received in infinite ways. We simply need to be “open” to giving and receiving Love in all its infinite “forms” and “expressions.” It is in the above context, then,