100-Year Old Holistic Superstar

100-Year Old Holistic SuperstarDr. Gladys McGarey, M.D., M.D.(H) Recently an article entitled “Living a Holistic Life by the Golden Rule” was published in the Arizona Republic newspaper. I’m proud to say it features my Mom. She has been a frequent speaker at AHP conferences, and I think she exemplifies many of the core concepts of Humanistic Psychology. Let me know what you think! How could a Golden Rule Moment possibly lead one to be known as the Mother of Holistic Medicine? For Dr. Gladys Taylor McGarey, it began in 1920,

Good Communication through I-Statements

Good Communication through I-StatementsRobert McGarey, M.A. Introduction When a relationship has been soured by misunderstandings, poisoned by distrust or bruised by hurt feelings, it’s hard to communicate with each other effectively. What’s needed is some way to rebuild a foundation of trust and cooperation between us and our partner. The most sure-fire way to build that foundation is with I-Statements. What I-Statements Are I-Statements give our partner information about us, and they do it in a way that’s far less threatening than the alternative: You-Statements. They form the bedrock for

The Actualizing Tendency Cannot be Destroyed

The Actualizing Tendency cannot be DestroyedCarl R. Rogers, Ph.D. “Whether we are speaking of a flower or an oak tree, of an earthworm or a beautiful bird, of an ape or a person, we will do well, I believe, to recognize that life is an active process, not a passive one. Whether the stimulus arises from within or without, whether the environment is favorable or unfavorable, the behaviors of an organism can be counted on to be in the direction of maintaining, enhancing, and reproducing itself. This is the very

On “Feeling Right” in Cultural Contexts: How Person-Culture Match Affects Self-Esteem and Subjective Well-Being

Fulmer, A. C., Gelfand, M. J., Kruglanski, A. W., Kim-Prieto, C., Diener, E., Pierro, A., & Higgins, E. T. (2010). On “Feeling Right” in Cultural Contexts: How Person-Culture Match Affects Self-Esteem and Subjective Well-Being.  Psychological Science, 21(11), 1563-1569.   Article Description: This research report discusses 2 studies that explore how the interaction of individual- and cultural-level personality affects self-esteem and well-being. Additional Info Author Fulmer GelfandKruglanski Kim PrietoDiener Pierro Higgins Date 2010 Keywords diversity, self actualization Link to Article Click Here Journal Psychological Science

Eight Perspectives For Staying Grounded When The World “Seems” Insane

By: Cuf Ferguson, Ph.D., Co-President During periods of upheaval when the world “seems” insane, it is important to stay grounded in your “being-ness” and to focus your consciousness on who you truly are as a unique human being. The temptation in such unsettling times is to resort to mechanistic thinking, and to reduce people to objects. Such thinking ultimately leads to reinforcing stereotypes and unwarranted inhumane feelings and acts toward the “other”. In 2016, we are currently immersed in such a period, and have been so for some time. In

The Power of “Yes” and “No”: The Relationship To Consciousness, Probable Realities and “E-motions”

By: Cuf Ferguson, Ph.D., Co-President   The two most powerful words in the English language, and for that matter in any language, are “Yes” and “No.”  They literally create different realities.  Saying, “Yes,” to a person, event, circumstance, or experience literally points us, and our consciousness, in one direction, and saying “No” to that same person, event, circumstance, or experience literally points us, and our consciousness, in another direction.  Therein lies the power of “Yes” and “No.”  The point of our power, therefore, is in the present—at the point of

Thoughts about Transcendence

By David Lavra, AHP Member On television last night the NHK station came in again. The nation of Japan has been deeply moved by the tsunami, earthquake, and consequential nuclear disaster.  The interviews were initiated by the efforts of a Japanese-American woman who returned to Japan to write a book about and experience the society in the wake of this tragic event.  (She had lived a few years in Japan as a child). A leader of the Buddhist priests had organized the community to heal the losses.  Shinto and Christian clergy were mobilized as

Part I: Clues For Knowing If You Are Being A Conscious Creator/Co-Creator During Unsettling Times

Given the fear-provoking and divisive political climate and extremist thinking and actions currently happening in the United States and on the global stage, it is very important, in my view, to become and to be conscious creators and not simply reactive robots during unsettling times. But, how do you know if you are being a conscious creator/co-creator in your personal, societal, and global life spaces? I previously presented “Eight Perspectives For Staying Grounded When The World ‘Seems’ Insane”. The intention of that message was to suggest some perspectives to keep