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The Subtle Consciousness Underlying The Human Drama
AHP President Carroy “Cuf” Ferguson talks with Alan Levin about consciousness, the multi-dimensional nature of reality, and how that intersects with our personal and collective experience as humans navigating issues of peace, justice and our issues concerning race.
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The Human Potential Center

Video Explorations & Personal Growth

online interactive zoom workshop Video Explorations & Personal Growth  [–> ONLINE INTERACTIVE ONLY. Just click <–] On the first three Saturday nights of most months, you’ll find us watching a popular movie together via Zoom in a fun, informal atmosphere. Then we have a discussion. We don’t discuss the movie, though; we discuss personal growth issues and themes that came up in the movie. So we’re not doing a “Siskel and Ebert” type of review, but rather an in-depth personal growth process that helps us get to know ourselves and each other better. During the discussion we learn and
The Human Potential Center

Building Sound Self-Esteem

May 26 — June 23, 2022 online interactive zoom workshop Building Sound Self-Esteem   Regain Your Confidence If you’ve ever felt insecure or “less than” or compared yourself unfavorably with others, you’ll want to know about our upcoming “Building Sound Self-Esteem”workshop, which starts Thursday, September 16th. This workshop contains all the ideas, tips and techniques I’ve collected over the past four decades to help you feel more secure, warm and loving toward yourself and eliminate the debilitating effect that irrational guilt has on your life. That way, you’ll regain the confidence that may have eluded you and start creating the
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