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Part I: Clues For Knowing If You Are Being A Conscious Creator/Co-Creator During Unsettling Times

Given the fear-provoking and divisive political climate and extremist thinking and actions currently happening in the United States and on the global stage, it is very important, in my view, to become and to be conscious creators and not simply reactive robots during unsettling times.

But, how do you know if you are being a conscious creator/co-creator in your personal, societal, and global life spaces? I previously presented “Eight Perspectives For Staying Grounded When The World ‘Seems’ Insane”.

The intention of that message was to suggest some perspectives to keep in mind as you entertain the possibility of becoming and being a conscious creator during unsettling times.

I have also discussed, in detail, in my newest book, Evolving The Human Race Game: Spiritual and Soul-Centered Perspective, and elsewhere (Chapter V in Arthur Shostak’s Viable Utopian Ideas: Shaping A Better World), twenty-four clues for knowing if you are being a conscious creator. Here I want to reiterate and to present the first eight of those clues.I will present the next sixteen clues in two follow-up messages.

The first eight clues are as follows:

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 1: You have released the old programming and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 2: You have drawn into your life supportive, positive people.

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 3: You empower yourself and others in all you do and say.

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 4: You know who you are, why you are here, and what is your Higher Purpose.

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 5: Your lifestyle and environment support your life purpose and greater work in the world.

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 6: You explore new possibilities and choices and continually expand your vision of what is possible.

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 7: You have “tools” to draw to yourself opportunities, people, events you need to create your life’s work.

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 8: You operate from your heart, and you trust your inner messages and take action upon them.

The intention of presenting the twenty-four clues in this venue in three separate messages is to allow readers enough time and space to do their own “reality checks” in their own ways in regard to these clues.

Enjoy the ride and have fun with your own unfolding and empowering process. And, please remember that during unsettling times, any ideas that seek to appeal to or to exploit your fears are not serving your well being, or the well being of others in society or on the planet.