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Undoing Racism: Archetypal Energies, Race Relations, And Decolonizing The Anti-Black Racist Mind

Dr. Carroy (Cuf) Ferguson, Ph.D.

There is a deep yearning at play in the United States and the world to heal what I have called the race-linked wound in the human psyche.

While that yearning has been ever present historically, more recently it has been given more conscious visibility through the expression of the Black Lives Matter Movement.  To a large extent, the yearning is a call to undo racism.  As such, the yearning and call to undo racism represent a reckoning with what is so and what needs to be healed.  It calls for a deeper understanding of who we truly are as souls on planet Earth seeking to evolve our Consciousness, individually and collectively, and searching for “Self” and the “meaning” of race through playing what I have called “the human race game” (See Chapter 3

in my book, Evolving The Human Race Game: A Spiritual And Soul-Centered Perspective

In alignment with that deep yearning, on March 15, 2021, I, along with some colleagues, presented at an ongoing global summit using the theme of “undoing racism,” with a specific focus on anti-Black racism as it relates to the nature of our individual and collective Energy, Consciousness, and “Unconsciousness.”  The title of the ongoing global summit is Humanity Rising: A Global Solutions Summit.  It goes out on a daily basis to 20,000 plus people in 130 countries.  The specific topic for the presentation was “Archetypal Energies As A Framework For Undoing Racism, Decolonizing The Anti-Black Racist Mind, And Optimal Race Relations.”  A YouTube video clip of the session can be viewed by clicking here.

In the YouTube video, referenced are brief overviews on some of the following race-linked issues: (1) what are aspects of a “colonized” anti-Black racist mind; (2) what happens to the concept of “Self” if the ideas of race, the nature of Consciousness, the nature of the Unconscious, Self-Creation, and reincarnation are married; (3) a definition of racism; (4) what undoing racism requires; (5) what are Archetypal Energies and perspectives related to Archetypal Energies as a Framework for undoing racism, decolonizing an anti-Black racist mind, and optimal race relations individually and collectively; (6) what is Consciousness in this Framework; (7) the three types of Archetypal Energies; (8) the differences between the “old paradigm” and ways of thinking about who we are and a “new paradigm” for thinking anew about who we are; (9) the three life spaces that we simultaneously live in; (10) the lenses through which we experience a sense of Self as racial human beings and uniquely experience and express our Archetypal Energies (creative urges) for “acting out” optimal race and human relations; (11) the three domains of the Self; (12) seven common types of human race games we play and their associated “creative urges” (Archetypal Energies) seeking “expression” and “form” for optimal race relations as connected to various domains of the Self; (13) common human race role relationships “acted out” in Lower Self race dramas; (14) seven harmonious relationship principles for optimal race relations individually and collectively and their relationship to Universal Energy Laws; (15) the power of “Yes” and “No” for constructing optimal race relations; (16) what currently interferes with getting in touch with Archetypal Energies and establishing optimal race relations; (17) roles people can play to assist in undoing racism; (18) tools that can facilitate getting in touch with Archetypal Energies and evolving optimal race and human relations; (19) three evolutionary visions.  These ideas are also contained in the aforementioned book.  An all-Black panel also provided overviews of their work in the world to undo racism and provided glimpses into how they connect undoing racism to African and African American traditions and experiences.


The primary intention in referencing and calling attention to this global discussion is to invite all readers of this blog to engage the process of undoing racism.  Feel free to use the YouTube video clip or portions of it, as you see fit, to engage in your own race-linked discussions.  Do not let fear hold you back from having open and authentic dialogues about race with those in your life spaces, for fear is at the root of maintaining and perpetuating racism.