AHP may be based in the United States, but Humanistic Psychology is alive and well all around the world! Keep an eye out for our upcoming Membership Directory and you will be able to see members who are doing amazing work all across the globe. From Azerbaijan to Russia, from Brazil to Argentina, from Denmark to Poland to Australia, humanistic psychology is changing lives for the better.

Two quick examples. We love our sister organization in Britain, AHPb, and they have been holding workshops and conferences and producing their journal Self and Society for  years. Take a moment and check out their great work.

And a new generation of humanistic professionals is graduating and taking the reins of organizations. One of our members who lives in Peru, Vilma Vilca Pareja, just received her PhD diploma (see below) on December 17th, 2021 and is now working at the university doing research on the influence of Emotional Intelligence, self-esteem, and resilience on the subjective well-being of students.

So we’re making a difference in a world that greatly needs more creativity, love and playfulness. Thanks for all you do each day by living in integrity and extending love to those around you.

If you know of other examples of members who are changing the world, let me know and we’ll post their accomplishments right here. And don’t forget to update your member profile so people you’d like to meet can find you!