By: Cuf Ferguson, Ph.D., Co-President

During periods of upheaval when the world “seems” insane, it is important to stay grounded in your “being-ness” and to focus your consciousness on who you truly are as a unique human being. The temptation in such unsettling times is to resort to mechanistic thinking, and to reduce people to objects. Such thinking ultimately leads to reinforcing stereotypes and unwarranted inhumane feelings and acts toward the “other”. In 2016, we are currently immersed in such a period, and have been so for some time.

In my view, at individual and collective levels, at this point in human history, each person on the planet is now struggling with the profound choice of whether to evolve their consciousness or not in order to “be” conscious creators. To a large extent, that struggle is mirrored through what may be considered insane wars, divisive politics, individual and group violent outbursts, terrorist acts, and religious, racial, ethnic and other kinds of intolerance, indifference, and violation of the “other”.

Here I briefly want to offer eight perspectives to assist each person on the planet to stay grounded in her or his personal, societal, and global life spaces during this period of upheaval. However, before presenting these eight perspectives, I want to call attention to a Facebook letter I posted on the AHP Facebook site in December 2015. In that letter, I mentioned that there is a deep wound in the human psyche that requires healing through a quantum shift in our individual and collective consciousness. I also referred readers to a relevant 2014 AHP Perspective article I wrote to provide background. The article was titled “The Power of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’: The Relationship To Consciousness, Probable Realities, and ‘E-motions’.

Additionally, I presented what I called two soul-linked thoughts, which I want to reiterate here:

Soul-linked Thought 1: You, individually and collectively, create your reality each moment, using thought, reinforced by emotion and imagination. Your power lies in the present at individual and collective levels. You, therefore, have the power to shift your consciousness at any given moment at individual and collective levels.

Soul-linked Thought 2: Clues are always present for becoming more of who you are and for being conscious creators and co-creators. One’s openness is all that is required to see, become aware of, and experience these clues.

In a 2010 AHP Perspective (April/May 2010) article, I introduced another concept that is relevant for today, which I want to re-introduce. I called it “psychic politics.” I suggested that, as we engage in the process of the evolution of Human Consciousness, individually and collectively, it is important to have a general understanding of the nature of “psychic politics”. “Psychic politics” involves creative tension that emerges as what I call Higher Vibrational Value Fulfillment Questions arise for our individual and collective psyches to consider. “Psychic politics” engage us in an inner and outer dialogue about what kind and quality of reality we want to create or co-create individually and collectively. In that regard and as previously implied, the first creative tension or value fulfillment question, at both individual and collective levels, is related to the profound choice to evolve one’s consciousness or not and to become truly empowered human beings as conscious creators. The profound challenge in making such a choice is that it ultimately leads to a realization that there is no one to blame. For many, that is a scary thought and realization. Hence, fueled by fear, there are those that will create resistance or creative tension.

Flowing from the choice to evolve one’s consciousness, however, are three more important collateral psyche-related questions that tend to emerge individually and collectively during the transformational periods. They are:

  • What is it that we want to value, give attention to, hold, and nurture in our Consciousness individually and collectively;
  • Where do we initially want to “point” our evolving Consciousness individually and collectively to create what we value; and
  • What “outer form(s)” do we initially want what we value to take.


As each individual on the planet struggles with these kinds of evolutionary questions, it is important to be mindful of and to maintain what I will call eight perspectives. They are:

  • Perspective #1: You Are Who You Are Searching For. What You Have Been Searching For Outside Yourself Has Been Inside You All The Time.
  • Perspective #2: In Broader Terms, It Makes No Difference What You Constructively Create, Only That You Step Into Your Powers Of Creation. In Short, Allow Yourself To “Be” Empowered And “Embrace” Your Power As A Creator.
  • Perspective #3: Love Or Fear, Called Forth By Your Reasoning, Influences Your State Of Being And Where And How You Focus Your Consciousness.
  • Perspective #4: Love And Fear Cannot Occupy The Same Time And Space. Love Sees No Barriers; Fear Does. Choose Wisely What You Believe Or Reason To Be True.
  • Perspective #5: “Progressive Beliefs” Move You Toward An Idealized Future That Has Yet To Be Created; “Conservative Beliefs” Move You Toward An Idealized Past That Never Existed.
  • Perspective #6: Beliefs Are Not Truths, Yet They Structure Reality. The Mind Is The Carrier Of Beliefs. Discard Self-Limiting Beliefs.
  • Perspective #7: “Psychic Politics” Is A Game That Asks What Beliefs You Want To Use To Structure Your Reality, Individually And Collectively.
  • Perspective #8: Beliefs That Appeal To Your Fears Are Self-Limiting. Beliefs That Appeal To Your Love Move You Toward Optimal Realities.

In my view, holding these eight perspectives in mind will assist you in staying grounded when the world “seems” insane. They are intended to be inner references for wisely using your free will, moment-to-moment, to choose paths that serve your well being, while also simultaneously serving the well being of your fellow journeyers on the planet. Hopefully they will assist you in choosing to evolve your consciousness and to do so in ways that create win-win human scenarios and mutually nurturing and rewarding dramas at individual and collective levels. Let us choose wisely.