Webmaster and Internet Marketer

Sohiel Nikbin is a senior software engineer and a mobile application developer at California Web Solutions in the Greater Los Angeles Area. He has worked there since 2011. He is an analyst and team leader who possess technical management and communication skills as a senior software engineer, a chief technology officer to formulate and define technical scope and objectives of project, and developing high-end software design and architecture, reviewing and debugging codes, identifying and executing tasks in software development lifecycle, automating tasks through appropriate tools and scripting, collaborating with internal teams to improve product efficiency, documenting development phases, monitoring systems, and ensuring that the software is up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Sohiel earned his BE (Bachelor of Eng.) from SBU,  his Master of Engineering (M.Eng) from The George Washington University, and his Doctor of Engineering (D.Eng) from The George Washington University (in progress).

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