Person-Centred therapies under threat

Dear ADPCA colleagues

The family of Person-Centred therapies is under threat in the UK and we are looking for signatories to the attached open letter. We would like ADPCA to sign if you think it appropriate, together with as many individuals as are willing (please feel free to circulate the email below). We are aiming for 10 October.


Dear Person-Centred Therapist or supporter of PCA,

You may have heard of the SCoPEd project in the UK, which would marginalise Person-Centred practice in favour of other approaches. We invite you to sign an open letter to the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy calling upon them to halt SCoPEd and to open a more inclusive dialogue about the future of our field.

The full text of the letter, detailing our concerns, is attached.

We are seeking organisational and individual signatories. Please include your title/s and professional affiliations if you so wish.

If you and/or your organisation are willing to sign the letter, send an email with ‘SCoPEd signatory’ in the subject line to

Thank you