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Musings #2: Chittering and Chattering

Ramblings of a Deranged Phenomenologist
Musings #2: Chittering and Chattering

As I look outside from my 3rd floor window I see the large oak tree that shades the front of my house. I could always manage to catch sight of the squirrels running about, but today they must have moved onto another tree.  Thank God because about a week ago ‘Chip & Dale’ as I call them entered my attic with a friend of theirs and raised a havoc…scurrying about…chittering to one another…..back and forth, back and forth for about 2 hours very early in the morning.

For the most part, I like squirrels.  Many people refer to them as rats with tails, but I think they are cute…to watch…to feed…to be amused by….just not scurrying about my attic at 5am.  So as with each life experience I try to look for the message.  What possibly could 3 squirrels teach me, especially that early in the morning?  Well, you know, they taught me that 3 buddies could have fun just about anywhere and anytime.  They taught me that ‘chitterin’ or ‘chatterin’ is still great to do….that sometimes, even with friends, you can get into situations and places that you ought not be in…..and there is always a way out (even if it is hard to find at first).  Enough for now……

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