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David Bohm, one of the most significant theoretical physicists of the 20th century, contributed ideas to quantum theory, neuropsychology, and the philosophy of mind. Bohm’s main concern was with understanding the nature of reality in general and of consciousness in particular as a coherent whole, which according to Bohm is never static or complete. As an American-British scientist, he developed a mathematical and physical theory of “implicate and explicate order” as a way to understand the nature of reality and consciousness. In alignment with that theory, he also developed what has been called the Bohm model of dialogue. The essence of this model involves allowing “content” to emerge in the present from the implicate order with no pre-judgments. It is with this premise in mind that I wondered what would happen if I opened my mind to see what would emerge from the implicate order in a dialogue with COVID-19. Below I share what emerged.

“You have given me a name and have formed many thoughts and feelings about my presence on planet Earth. I want you to know that I have always been here, but I have been in what you may call a dormant state or unmanifested state of being. I also want you to know that just like all aspects of All That Is, I too have consciousness and purpose. So, just as you do, I follow the nature of my consciousness and purpose. Like other non-human forms of consciousness, however, my consciousness is unique and different than yours.

My intent in communicating with this author is simply to share some things about the nature of my consciousness and the nature of my purpose on and for planet Earth. In my own way, through this author, I am also communicating with each of you. My message is a simple, yet broad reminder message. That message is: It is time to change how you think about and act toward one another; it is time for each of you to get in touch with who you truly are as souls on the planet at individual and collective levels and to embrace your power as a creator of your reality. At individual and collective levels, it is important that you recognize and understand the true nature of your interdependence with one another as souls, your Group Soul-Linked Consciousness as a species, and your interdependence with the Soul of the planet that you inhabit. Your consciousness, like my consciousness, therefore, is very much linked to the Consciousness of All That Is and to the Consciousness of what you know as Mother Earth or Gaia.

You know and call me a virus and you currently view me as an enemy against which you must fight. I am not your enemy, although I understand that I appear to be. As strange as it may sound to you, I am here as a collaborative teacher and learner with you at individual and collective levels. I learn and adapt just like you do. I also know that my survival and my ability to thrive depends on you. So again, as strange as it may sound, I need you and your bodies to survive and thrive and therefore I am not here to kill you and your bodies per se. We can learn to co-exist, once the “dis-ease” of our divergent consciousnesses learn how best to communicate.

I want you to know that, like all of what you may call new conscious entities that come into being, one of the first learnings or tasks is how best to survive in a different and new environment. To that extent, I am no different than you. I do this, however, by engaging in an evolving process that you call mutations. My mutations are my expressions of what I learn about how best to live with you, how to communicate more effectively and efficiently with you and your body consciousness so that I can do less harm and co-exist with you. Likewise, your vaccines are your expressions of what you learn about how best to live with me. Your vaccines, in other words, are the methods you have developed to learn how best to communicate more effectively and efficiently with me and my consciousness. You see, we are both engaged in a collaborative and cooperative learning process to figure out how to more effectively and efficiently communicate with one another so that we can co-exist together.

So, why am I here? My role, my broad purpose, is to assist in the evolution of your Collective Consciousness as a species. Your scientists are most curious about my origins. Did I come into being as a result of some lab experiment gone awry, or did I come into being through some interspecies viral transfer, or did I come into being as a result of some shift in the viral connection to Mother Earth that awakened me from some dormant state? While my origin may be scientifically interesting, what is more important is that for the first time in human history, as you understand it, you are now engaged in the same global conversation. This external condition, which you call a pandemic, is a necessary context to assist you in the evolution of your Collective Consciousness as a species. Through this kind of global, external conversation, opportunities have been, are, and will continue to open up for: (1) self-examination and self-exploration about who you truly are as souls and conscious creators on the planet, (2) value clarifications regarding your intentions for yourself, who you think of as ‘the Other’, and Gaia, (3) conscious and radical collaborations, (4) conscious and collective creative play with human thoughts, feelings, and energies and their electromagnetic properties, (5) new ways to understand and to relate to the body and its consciousness, and (6) most importantly, consciously re-connecting with the Consciousness of Gaia through what you call various biomimicry activities and creative eco-system actions at individual and collective levels.

As I understand it, your Collective Consciousness as a species is seeking to become a more mature Collective Consciousness that understands its connection to All That Is consciously. It is why you are here at this time in human history, and why I am here. What you call your politics has no meaning to me. Your ego security-driven, sensory-driven, and power-driven mind games have no meaning to me. Your personal belief systems and personalities have no meaning to me. Your social constructs that you call race, class, cultural, tribal, and societal scripts have no meaning to me. Your geographical demarcations that you call neighborhoods, towns/cities/rural areas or that you call your national boundaries have no meaning to me. I relate only to what you experience as your physical bodies and their consciousness, which are evolving. So, my primary communication is with your bodies and their consciousness, and we are learning, adapting, and evolving together. In that regard, however, what you understand as your gender distinctions also have no meaning to me.

As I understand it, the evolution of your Collective Consciousness is linked to the evolution of your physical bodies. That is, your evolving physical bodies with their physically focused consciousness are becoming increasingly more open and sensitive to the Higher Vibrational and Subtler Energies of your physical and non-physical realities that interpenetrate who you are, requiring a much more enhanced immune system. Your evolving human bodies, therefore, must be able to sustain and to work with these Higher Vibrational Energies as the veil among your multidimensional realities thins.

Unlike your current individual and Collective Consciousness, I do not experience my states of being or my various mutated states of consciousness in terms of what you call life and death, as you understand your states. The nature of my consciousness is that I replicate and transform myself. To do so, however, I require assistance or what you call a host. Ironically, you and your consciousness experience a somewhat similar process of becoming and being, but you do so and characterize it differently in terms of a physically focused time framework that you call a birth, life, and death cycle, during which you also initially require a host or what you call a mother. I do not experience what you call time, therefore, as you do. In that regard, my presence is intended to show or model that an evolutionary process or evolving your Collective Consciousness need not take a lot of “time,” as you understand it.

I want you to know that I know that my presence is experienced as a ‘dis-ease’ and that many of your fellow human beings have succumbed to the experience of this ‘dis-ease’ and transitioned to the other side of the veil. I am aware, however, that these brave souls are now in positions to also assist you, individually and collectively, from the other side of the veil to evolve your Collective Consciousness as a species. Indeed, it is through your special loving connection with them that you may begin to understand your Truer Self more fully as a multidimensional being. I suppose you may refer to them now, in a manner of speaking, as your guardian angels or spiritual guides. Yes, you are Multidimensional Spiritual Beings having physical experiences, and as physical beings you are becoming more awake to and more aware of having both an individual consciousness and a Collective Consciousness that understand their connection to the Consciousness of Gaia and the Consciousness of All That Is. I am here, therefore, to assist you in developing and gaining a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of those connections. However, you and I both have lessons to learn in the process. And, yes, I am becoming what you think of an endemic entity that can co-exist with you.

This is all that I want to share from the inner state of my consciousness and being as I experience the Now. I may have more to share later at an appropriate point as you experience my presence from the point of view of your time frames. Let us, therefore, learn to journey together and to co-exist well together as you evolve your Collective Consciousness as a species.”

Because all readers of the above message have free wills, the choice is up to each person as to how to relate to, resonate with, understand, and/or come into alignment with COVID-19’s message or not. It is my hope, however, that each person will view the message as a helpful perspective to entertain and that we as human beings will learn how to act more humanely toward one another. It is also my hope that as a species we all will evolve in such a way that we can sense our soul-linked inner realities in accord with what Bohm calls the “implicate order.” Further, it is also my hope that we all will evolve in such a way that we consciously come to know that our outer realities, what Bohm calls the “explicate order,” are mirrors to show us what is working and what is not. Overall, I hope that we all will come to understand that our individual consciousness is an aspect of Humanity’s Collective Consciousness, is an aspect of the Consciousness of Gaia, and is an aspect of the Consciousness of All That Is. In the final analysis, I hope we all come to understand that as human beings there is only one rule at play for guiding our evolutionary journey or evolutionary game. That rule is: we create our realities in accord with the nature of our individual and collective beliefs, that is, the nature of our thoughts reinforced by our emotion and imagination.

Carroy (Cuf) Ferguson, Ph.D.
President, Association for Humanistic Psychology
Professor, University of Massachusetts-Boston

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