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Guidelines for Submission

Thank you for your interest in submitting your writing to AHP’s Perspective Magazine. The Perspective is a dynamic online magazine that mirrors AHP’s new vision statement.  Perspective articles are committed to the exploration of a realistic understanding of the complexity of people; as individuals, in groups, organizations, and community.  The Perspective currently accepts submissions in the five categories outlined in this artcile. Click “Read More” for detailed guidelines.


Commentaries (up to 800 words plus 1 figure, not including references) highlight the multidisciplinary and personal application of Humanistic principles.  Most more personally related  submissions to the Perspective will likely fall into this category.  The Perspective welcomes personal accounts of mental health concerns and recovery that are related to Humanistic Psychology.  When submitting an entry of personal nature, please be sure to include in the entry how your experience directly relates to the application of Humanistic principles and/or Humanistic Psychology to understanding the complexity of people as individuals, in groups, organizations, and community.

Reviews (up to 500 words) present reviews of current books, multimedia, exhibitions, and films of interest to the study and practice of Humanistic Psychology.  When considering a source for review, please consider its direct relevance to Humanistic Psychology and its empirical foundation.

Policy Submissions (up to 800 words, not including references) present issues related to the intersection between society and psychological science that have public policy implications.

Education Submissions (up to 800 words, not including references) present information on education in Humanistic Psychology and its practice from pre-college to post-graduate work. Articles related to clinical supervision of students should be submitted in this category.

Application of New Research (up to 500 words plus 1 figure, not including references) highlight recent exciting research in Humanistic Psychology, but do not primarily discuss the author’s own work. Application of New Research articles may provide context for the findings within a field or explain potential interdisciplinary significance. Submissions commenting on journal articles or recent published research should add dimension to the research and not merely be a summary of the research.

Should you have any questions about submission guidelines, or to submit your article for consideration, please email Cindy Sayani, Managing Editor of the Perspective at [email protected]