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We have thermoformed thousands of different complex parts while maintaining tight tolerances all our customers demand from us. We have thermoformed anything from prototypes up to thousands of parts. Thermoformed parts are evident in practically every industry, and our custom thermoforming process allows us to be flexible in producing various projects in a short amount of time.
We have the capability to fabricate the most complex products and projects in the industry. Our experienced team utilize time efficiency and synergy to complete multi-operation projects in a fraction of the time. Plastic bonding is a very meticulous craft and our experienced craftsmen have worked with various bonding agents and materials to deliver consistent, beautiful results.

Crystal Craft provides a hands-on, collaborative, problem solving support team that insures clients of completely satisfying results, produced on time and on budget. With full CAD/CAM capability, the project team takes client vision from a CAD file into fully realized prototype for evaluation, testing, modification and approval. Once a prototype is approved, the team identifies the right materials and the most cost-effective manufacturing process based on the specified quantity.

Cost effective
Material Selection
Model Development

Thermoforming Advantage:
Provides precision part detail
Able to achieve tight tolerances
Flexible tooling and engineering can be achieved in prototypes and (low, medium and high) production runs
Cost effective and efficient setup times

Crystal Craft’s unique prototype capability is the result of dedicated interactions with experienced scientists, engineers, designers, and educators, enabling state-of-the art development. Careful engineering makes it possible to produce the right prototype for each project. The right prototype makes manufacture swift and efficient. Turn-around time is shortened, accuracy is increased, and quality is guaranteed as affirmed by Intel and the LA Water and Power Museum.

…I came to Crystal Craft with an idea for an invention. His feedback and insight were extremely helpful. He understands every aspect of the business, from design, engineering and prototyping to patent law and marketing…

Crystal Craft services in thermoforming include:
Material Selection
Enhancements in part geometry
In-House Mold Manufacturing
Model Development
Final Design

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Plastic Sanding and Polishing
Our highly trained and experienced technicians finish parts to exact customer specifications. Whether it be sanded or polished, we have all the tooling necessities to complete the job. We practice the most efficient measures to guarantee short lead times and consistent anufacturing output.
Cutting and Machining
We’ve been cutting plastics for years. We have the necessary resources to provide the most efficient and cost effective approach to any cutting project. Whether it be cutting a 1/8” sheet or a 36” square block, we can tackle it. Our immense selection of machinery and tooling allows us to provide consistent results each and every time.
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Drape Forming
Drape forming is a process when a heated sheet contours to a male mold or female mold to form the plastic to the desired shape of the mold. We can drape form simple radius parts as well as complex multi-radii, compound curves. Whether you need a small half cylinder drape formed, or huge partition panels for hotel and casino lobbies, Crystal Craft’s your one stop shop for any drape forming project.
We have mastered the art of bending acrylic. From thin to heavy 2”+ gauge sheets we have the necessary equipment and experience to get the job done. We can bend acrylic to any angle or radius. Our bending department is setup to meet customer’s demands, ranging from prototypes to full production runs.