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The Awareness Integration Model can be implemented in psychotherapy as well as coaching



Life Coaching

Can work from an illness model, therefore assessments are doing toward a diagnosis

Assessments are for client’s vision and goals

Focuses on internal issues and historical roots.  It seeks resolution through modifying internal functioning (Interpersonal and Intrapersonal) and unconscious, causal factors.

Uses all 6 phases of the AI Model

Focuses mainly on external issues and seeks solutions through methods of functioning in the external world (work practices, resource management, interpersonal relating), and future possibilities.

Uses 5 phase of the model

Focuses on past, present and future.

Focuses on present and the future.

Processes cognitive dualities, emotional release or behavioral problems; with past or current disruptive situations; and with dysfunction to bring the client to normal functioning.

Explores vision and goal; identifies obstacles and offers skills to overcome; identify strengths to move toward actualizing goals

Containment of emotions in a safe envifronment

 Moving beyond one’s own comfort zone

Most therapeutic orientations delve into client’s emotions. Build skills for the clients to deal with the upcoming emotions.

With the assumption of the presence of emotional reactions to life events, holds the client capable of expressing and handling their emotions.


Provides a space for client to gain insight, work on suppressed emotions, and reevaluate their defenses. Recognize irrational beliefs, and learn skills to minimize symptoms and live healthier lives.

 Through a process of inquiry and personal discovery, coach and client work together to build client’s awareness and responsibility while providing feedback, tools, support and structure to accomplish more.

The Therapeutic relationship is essential. The relationship can be used as a model for the client to utilize in other relationships.

 Coach & Client relationship is not a determining factor, however it is a partnership that helps clients achieve fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.

 Can only be practiced in the State that the therapist and client reside.

 It holds no geographic boundaries.

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Awareness Integration Model

EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing
Individual and Couples Psychotherapy
Life and Executive Coaching
Hypnosis, Bio-Feedback
Thought Field Therapy

My approach to our session is to meet you, listen to your needs, wants and desires. Together we will determine whether therapy or coaching would be best suited for your needs. Determining your goal, we will walk together toward obtaining your goal. I will act as a mirror for you to see the parts of you that you have not been aware of, parts of you who have remained young and hurt due to childhood traumas, perceptions and/or decision makings. Healing the past will allow you to complete the past, become open to the present and choose the future from a new beginning. With many different interventions you will learn techniques to become aware and identify your thought, emotional and behavioral patterns. Identify the patterns that work for you and the ones that don’t. Exploring new ways of being, thinking, and behaving that allows you to reach and maintain the fulfilling life that you want and deserve to have.

Face to Face Psychotherapy / Coaching $200 (818) 648-2140
Telephone Psychotherapy / Coaching $150 (818) 648-2140
Online Psychotherapy / Coaching $150 Skype/FaceTime
Psychotherapy Coaching

Dr. Zeine offers Psychotherapy to Californians and
Coaching to people all over the world through
Telephone, FaceTime, Skype. For more details, please call

The Intimate Couples Group

There is a yearning in each one of our hearts to be intimate with our mate. Yet, there are so many times we find ourselves so far away from the person that we love. Lack of communication skills, lack of having had a healthy role model and obstacles from within holds us from being intimate. In this group, you will explore and become aware of what has been holding the path of intimacy and practice ways of being intimate with yourself and your partner. Call 818-648-2140 for more information and an interview for this on going group.

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Emails from a past client

“You are simply brilliant. It’s amazing. I have hardly ever come across someone with such sharpness and ability to conceptualize and communicate things as thoroughly as you. I’m so grateful for having the privilege to have you in my life. Thank you for being there and for choosing to share your light. ”
Kimia M.

” Hi Foojan, I am sure you don’t remember me or my daughter. I talk to you once and my daughter came to you few times. you made such a difference in my daughters life that is unspeakable. after I begin to see change in her I asked her what happen? what made you change so much? she said Mom you took me to few therapists but Foojan asked me “what is your goal in life?” and I felt for the first time in my life I have no goal. and that changed me for ever. Foojan what ever you told her touch her heart and made her to be who ever she really was. today she is straight A student with unstoppable drive. she is happy, healthy and full of hope and life. Thank you so much Foojan. ”

“It is 2016. I spend more than half of 2015 with Dr. Foojan Zeine. We traveled through my life, a journey through my thoughts, feelings, desires, anger, frustrations, needs, wants, love, hate, allowance, acceptance and finally forgiveness. She broke down my life in 25 specific areas. We visited each area and spent enough time to analyze the feelings, believes and behaviors. Later, we went back to each area and rebuilt a new path based on the new view of life that we created together.
What a trip. It is hard to put the whole experience is one paragraph. After all it was 50 years of experiences that we looked at, questioned, broke down and re-created. Through her program, we looked at every part of my life, dig deep into my memory, analyzed the feelings that was attached to those memories, release them and replace them with reality of what happened.
When I started with Dr Zeine, I had an old anger in me. The energy of that anger was consuming every area of my life. She had me face the anger. It was hard, but I stick with it as she guide me through it. Now at the end of journey, I feel relieved, happy, light, and full of love with people around me. I have a much better relationship with my children, my man and my parents.
Dr Zeine, thought me to look at each event as what it really is, and not giving in to the emotions that I built around it. I learned, that I am giving power to the past and building memories that are painful. She helped me to release the power of those memories and see them as another life experience. Or see them with a different perspective. She provided me a new sun glass to see my life. The lenses of this glass is green and make everything in life prettier, sharper, and fresh.
Thank you Dr Zeine for giving me the joy of life back. “

“I enjoyed working the model with you for several reasons. It was easy to follow. It was very clear for me from the beginning when you explained how it works to follow it. I got in touch with feelings I never knew existed. I could release majority of my anger and frustration in a safe trusting environment. I could see how my feelings effect my physical health. I was comfortable sharing my feelings and thoughts because it was not needed to go into details of the past incidents that is very painful. The model focused on my present life and behavior and on how to make it happy and joyful not the past. I was not pitied rather empowered to live a full life. It helped me realize how I judge the way others think or feel about me which is not the reality. It helped me know myself and what I really want. It helped me see myself as a person who has equal rights as everyone else.I have been feeling happy and full of life since we finished working the model. This has been the only successful and easy therapy I have ever had and I had a couple of therapist before who tried different methods. I always looked forward to my sessions with you because I could feel the difference immediately. Every time I left your office I was closer to myself.”

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Psychotherapist & Life Coach in Persian & English

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