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CRA Conference 2023 San Diego – CA University of California San Diego

Dear Friends,
Our lives are hectic and bewildering and that’s why, if at all possible, we need to take the time and space to rejuvenate and connect with people seeking to be humane and person-centered, and peaceful.
To quote Anthony Rose in his comment as he registered for our Conference, “This in-person reunion of founders & explorers of person-Centered Psychology is long overdue.  Let’s bring our new discoveries, deep compassion, and enduring wisdom to share and synergize with our community!”
Please take advantage of our Early Registration Fee by May 15th by registering at the link to “GiveButter” which allows for many varied ways of payment.
Please send your presentations to William Stillwell at as he organizes the schedule of events.
This is the first Carl Rogers Annual Conference post-pandemic times. See you in Beautiful San Diego this summer.
To register visit CSP Website at:
The organizing committee.
Antonio M Santos, Ph.D., MSCP
Brasil-CRP-01-0702 – USA-CA-PSY 19989
Co-Executive Director of the Center for Studies of the Person-CSP
Co-Director of Carl Rogers Annual Conference
Co-Director of the Person Centered Psychotherapy Training Program
Clinical, Coaching & Consulting Psychology
Tel.: (061)3257-2452 – (061)9693-4814