Part III. Clues For Knowing If You Are Being A Conscious Creator During Unsettling Times: A Call For Conscious Action NOW

Dr. Carroy (Cuf) Ferguson, Ph.D.

This is the third installment related to 24 clues for knowing if you are being a conscious creator during unsettling times. Indeed, during such times, it is important to be “conscious creators” in order to maintain a focus on and to nurture the evolution of human consciousness.  It is also fair to say that during unsettling times, each person on the planet, nationally and globally, encounters a variety of choices in this regard to their conscious evolution.

The first installment of 8 clues, presented March 22, 2016, was intended to invite you to look for clues by examining your current state of self-awareness and how you have currently constructed your life spaces.  Those clues may be called “contextual clues”.  The second installment of 8 clues, presented August 30, 2016, was intended to assist you in finding clues by examining how you currently relate to your personal energy and how you currently direct your energy in the world.  Those clues may be called “energy perspective clues”.

This last set of 8 clues can and should be viewed as a “call to action” for becoming and being a conscious creator NOW.  It is a call to action to look deep inside and to affirm who you are so that you may take stands to evolve and to assist others in evolving their consciousness to mirror Inclusion, Harmony, Acceptance, and Love from the inside out.  In my award-winning book, Evolving The Human Race Game: A Spiritual and Soul-Centered Perspective , I called these four “creative urges” Transformational Archetypal Energies, Higher Vibrational Energies that operate deep within our psyches at individual and collective levels, and discussed them in detail in regard to how they can assist humanity to evolve.

As of this writing, I have attempted to call attention to issues in our individual and collective life spaces that require and could benefit from the expressions of Inclusion, Harmony, Acceptance, and Love by “conscious creators”.  I titled these writings as follows: (1) Dr. King’s Timeless Message To Psychologists and The World (January 19, 2016) ; (2) Regarding The 2016 Presidential Election (November 21, 2016) ; (3) AHP’s Call To Action: Take A Stand To Consciously Deal With Racism (August 25, 2017) ; (4) A Humanistic Approach To Politics: AHP’s Call For A Politics Of Truth (September 11, 2018) ; and (5) A Way To Exercise Your Personal Power: Vote (October 26, 2018) .

As this is the planet of free will and choice, why should you entertain the idea of becoming and being a “conscious creator” NOW?  As many, including me, have noted, the current divisive psychosocial-political climate nationally and globally has given rise to open and overt expressions of racism (e.g., alt right), sexism, misogyny, classism, terrorism, ethnic conflicts, and religious intolerance (e.g., Pittsburg synagogue shooting).  Given these issues, it is not enough now simply to be against something.  It is important NOW to stand for something.  In becoming and being a conscious creator, the invitation to all readers is to take a stand NOW for Inclusion, Harmony, Acceptance, and Love, individually and collectively, in order to consciously deal with and heal these kinds of issues.

As you take a stand, the following “call to action clues,” therefore, are important to keep in mind as guides, an overleaf perspective, for knowing if you are being a conscious creator or simply being reactive.

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 17: You know that anything is possible.

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 18: You know that through understanding how energy works, you can seemingly create miracles consciously.

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 19: You are able to create what you want at a speed that seemed impossible at earlier levels of growth.

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 20: You are able to handle easily and joyfully the things that used to challenge you.

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 21: Your lessons come faster, but you will have the tools to move through them more quickly and easily.

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 22: You have a clearer sense of direction, being in control, and a deeper understanding of why things happen.

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 23: There is an increasing calm that comes as you begin to enjoy and understand your life.

Conscious Creator/Co-Creator Clue 24: You can truly live a life that is joyful and loving to yourself.

With this final installment, I have shared 24 clues for how to know if you are being a “conscious creator.”   As a conscious creator, you come to realize that outward conditions are the reflections of inner states of mind or inner states of consciousness. I call this the “mirror effect,” which I also discuss in detail in my aformentioned book.  In this context, you know that to change outward conditions, we, individually and collectively, must first change our beliefs and shift the focus our inner states of consciousness to expansive energies.  As a conscious creater, therefore, you consciously embrace the art of self-creation and reality creation as the underlying framework for “consciously” evolving or creating a remarkably appealing world. 

Through the conscious use of the mirror effect, conscious creators are not merely robots reacting to a world we have unconsciously created.  Through the conscious use of the mirror effect, humanity, individually and collectively, can evoke: (1) “creative imagination” derived from Understanding and the desire for constructive self-expression; (2) “inspiration” fueled by Love, Wisdom, Compassion, and the desire to serve others; and (3) “intuitiion” that validates the Spiritual aspects of the Self and the desire for Unity.  And so, I invite all readers to embrace who we truly are by becoming and being conscious creators.  You are being called to action NOW.

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