New Features for AHP Members

Dear AHP Members,

We have officially completed our members meeting and happy to report the positive feedback from members who attended the phone call. We would like to encourage all members and those interested in joining to attend our future membership meetings which will be announced on this blog. Remember that your feedback during membership meetings helps shape the future of AHP as well as the features available on our site. Below you can read about some important features that we have launched today.

Members Submissions to Perspective Online

A new feature we have added to our website is the ability to submit articles to Perspective Online. You will notice a link on the top right of the website when you are signed in. All members are free to submit articles for consideration including students and individual members. After your article has been submitted it will be reviewed by our Board Members and you will be notified prior to publishing if your article has been approved.

Professional Directory

We have updated our professional directory and would like to remind Professional Members and Joint AHP / ATP members to submit your listing. You can add your listing by clicking the link on the top right of the website when you are signed in. If your listing has already been published, you may edit it by finding it in the directory and clicking the appropriate link.


As the site continues to grow and we expand the features available to our members we realize that members may wish to keep some of their materials and content on the site private. We also plan on allowing credit card payments directly on the site soon and in this regard, we have decided to add an SSL certificate in order to keep your communications private when


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