‘Aging’ or Eldering? A Powerful Shift to Understanding Human Life

Aging is viewed as a detriment in our society. Yet, without aging we do not live. Aging allows us to mature. As we grow in years, we often are seen as a disposable commodity. This workshop redefines maturity into a new paradigm called ‘eldering’. Eldering is moving from the external into one’s inner life to connect with what really matters to us. Eldering encompasses a valuing of each other, future generations, and the planet. Eldering, now more than ever, is a way of being that is essential for our society to survive and thrive.

By developing an attitude of eldering or eldership, we can also guide our clients to access their own eldership. We can help our clients to call upon their inner wise elder as we confront the challenges of these times. We help them move through their existential anxiety and lack of agency to a more empowered place. This is especially relevant given today’s issues such as the pandemic, racial injustice, healthcare, as well as climate and economic insecurities.

Through didactic material and experiential processes, you will be invited to explore your personal identities and to develop frameworks for conceptualizing living and aging, meaning and purpose, for yourself and your clients. No matter the chronological age of you and your clients, this workshop will enlarge the contextual frame of your psychotherapy practice.

Nader Shabahangi, PhD., helps people look at their attitudes about their lives and maturing. He unfolds how cultural, societal and familial stories are often internalized by individuals and can block our sense of joy, our continued growth and learning. He is a licensed psychotherapist in California and received his doctorate from Stanford University. Nader is a past president of the Existential-Humanistic Institute. Presently his goal is to develop the concept of an Elder Ashram which follows timeless principles and practices of our perennial philosophies and wisdom traditions.

You can read more about Nader here: http://www.ehinstitute.org/member-shabahangi.html

6 CEs approved through NASW-Oregon


Sep 25 2020


9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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