“Being Mindful” And Becoming A “Harmony Worker” During Unsettling Times

Dr. Carroy (Cuf) Ferguson, Ph.D.

Let us be mindful of our individual and collective past in order to learn what works and does not work for our individual and collective Well Being. Let us seek and find ways to experience Joy as a way “to be” in the present for our individual and collective Well Being. And, let us create and implement Visions for evolving our consciousness in ways that can sustain our individual and collective Well Being. 

Given the above perspective and not to be self-serving per se, I invite those who might be interested in becoming what I call “Harmony Workers” to use the 25 Archetypal Energies that I identify in my award-winning book, “Evolving The Human Race Game: A Spiritual and Soul-Centered Perspective,” written for divisive times like the one we are currently experiencing.

In the book, I define Archetypal Energies as Higher Vibrational Energies that operate deep within our psyches, individually and collectively. We tend to experience them as “creative urges” that lead us toward our optimal selves and optimal realities (see the book for more details). In this context, Harmony Workers are able to tap into, to access and to allow what I call our Truer Selves to emerge in order to give “form” and “expression” to these Archetypal Energies. Harmony Workers feel a pull toward balance and harmony within themselves and toward others.

In giving “form” and “expression” to Archetypal Energies, Harmony Workers tend to engage in what I have called the “path of a bridger”. As a bridger, a Harmony Worker’s Truer Self: (1) seeks to stimulate energies for life and success, without judgment; (2) guards against psychic imbalances or dangers and invites patience and balance for their catalytic work in the world and harmonious state of being with others; (3) mirrors hope, illumination, and love; and (4) works with nature, spirit, and energy.

In essence, then, one of the foci of Harmony Workers is to enhance awareness and mastery of the harmonious flow of energy. The nature of their work deals with transforming their own energy blocks and/or assisting others in the transformation of their energy blocks.

So, why is important to transform energy blocks consciously and mindfully? Here is one perspective. When the natural and harmonious flow of energy is blocked (particularly any of the Archetypal Energies), individually and/or collectively, energy gets distorted. Distorted energy can manifest in intentional and/or unintentional destructive beingness at individual and collective levels—e.g., destructive or violent behaviors or outbursts, ego-based fears and upsets, the “isms” and biases, conflicts and wars, mechanistic thinking that reduces people to objects. As a metaphor, think of boiling water in a teakettle. What happens if there is a block to the natural and harmonious flow and release of the energy? One can argue then that a great deal of the unsettling phenomena currently happening nationally and globally stem from blocked Archetypal Energies occurring at individual and collective levels.

It is important, therefore, to be mindful of energy blocks during unsettling times and to transform these energy blocks in constructive ways at individual and collective levels. Harmony Workers can do this by allowing their Truer Selves to emerge and simply “being” their Truer Selves with others. Harmony Workers can be found in all walks of life and in all forms of group life. They can be in leadership roles or can fulfill their higher purpose(s) behind the scenes, so to speak. They simply seek to be mindful in what they say and do. In this way, they touch the future by touching a life.

Perhaps the sayings below capture the essence of what it means to be mindful and to become a Harmony Worker during unsettling times. It is my hope, therefore, that this quick perspective on “being mindful” and becoming a “Harmony Worker” during unsettling times will be viewed as an invitation to find constructive, transformative ways to create and co-create our optimal selves and optimal realities at individual and collective levels. Let us all seek to become and to be our Truer Selves.

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