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Spiritual Synchronistic Events Related to Personal Loss
NOTE: This article is from the AHP Perspective Magazine – August/September 2012 issue. This article and other articles from prior Perspective issues can be found on the AHP website – Recent personal events are proving to be an evolving story, and one that my family and I are learning from on a continual basis. How we view these events, and more importantly, how we proceed in our lives after these events, is the key to determining if we are to grow or remain stagnant. In July 2010, my one-year-old son, Keegan, died from heart failure after a lengthy hospital

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The Human Potential Center

What’s Your Superpower?

January 28, 2022, 7 – 9 pm Central Time online interactive zoom workshop WHAT’S YOUR SUPERPOWER? Everyone has unique gifts and perspectives to share with the world, and they often go unnoticed by everyone, including ourselves. This workshop helps you discover and tap into surprising skills you had no idea existed. You can be the hero of your unique, amazing journey through life. Presented by Robert McGarey, M.A.

Building Sound Self-Esteem

September 16 — October 14, 2021 online interactive zoom workshop Building Sound Self-Esteem   Regain Your Confidence If you’ve ever felt insecure or “less than” or compared yourself unfavorably with others, you’ll want to know about our upcoming “Building Sound Self-Esteem”workshop, which starts Thursday, September 16th. This workshop contains all the ideas, tips and techniques I’ve collected over the past four decades to help you feel more secure, warm and loving toward yourself and eliminate the debilitating effect that irrational guilt has on your life. That way, you’ll regain the confidence that may have eluded you and start creating the

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