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Dr. Gladys McGarey: The Mother of Holistic Medicine
Women’s History Month may have come and went, but when you’re dubbed “The Mother of Holistic Medicine,” have a new book coming out and you’re 102-years old, you more than deserve to be mentioned along with the greatest women alive. Gladys McGarey, MD’s life and achievements have may have eluded the history books, but that’s about to change as her upcoming book, The Well-Lived Life, is poised to become a best-seller when it is released in early May by Atria Books, a Simon and Schuster imprint. Dr. Gladys was born in 1920, the year that women in the United States


The Human Potential Center

What’s It Like Being You?

online interactive zoom workshop What’s it like being you?  [–> ONLINE INTERACTIVE ONLY. Just click <–] Everyone’s inner world is unique, but we rarely take time to appreciate the unrivaled contributions each person is able to share with the world because of their unique perspectives. This workshop helps you explore your own inner emotional landscape and discover how it differs from the inner world experienced by others. Presented by Robert McGarey, M.A.
The Human Potential Center

Video Explorations & Personal Growth

online interactive zoom workshop Video Explorations & Personal Growth  [–> ONLINE INTERACTIVE ONLY. Just click <–] On the first three Saturday nights of most months, you’ll find us watching a popular movie together via Zoom in a fun, informal atmosphere. Then we have a discussion. We don’t discuss the movie, though; we discuss personal growth issues and themes that came up in the movie. So we’re not doing a “Siskel and Ebert” type of review, but rather an in-depth personal growth process that helps us get to know ourselves and each other better. During the discussion we learn and