AHP Is for everyone who wants to become more creative, loving, playful, and vibrantly alive. We explore what people are like when they are at their very best, and how we can each live that way more every day. Come join us!


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Love For Family and Loved Ones In The Context of COVID During The Holiday Season And Beyond
  During the holiday season, we all have a deep yearning to be with family and loved ones. In my view, that yearning is the eternal call of the soul toward Unity, fueled and energized by Love.  In that light, Love sees no barriers while Fear does. The expression of Love, however, can take many “forms” and can be expressed and received in infinite ways. We simply need to be “open” to giving and receiving Love in all its infinite “forms” and “expressions.” It is in the above context, then, that the Truth behind Love is that it operates by

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The Human Potential Center
March 25 – April 15, 2021 online interactive zoom workshop Our workshop HOW TO BE ASSERTIVE AND LOVING TOO is for you if: You’re sick of not speaking up for yourself You’re tired of being used as a personal punching bag You lose friends by being too pushy and aggressive You’re desperately trying to achieve a balance between being a good person and being used For the first time, this class is now available nationwide via Zoom. Developed and presented by Robert McGarey, M.A., Founder and Executive Director of The Human Potential Center, HOW TO BE ASSERTIVE AND LOVING TOO

Foundations of Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy

Satir’s Transformational Systemic Therapy Model (STST) is unique in encompassing both the intrapsychic and interactive components of therapy. Much therapy of the past has been focused only on clients’ behaviour, cognition or affect. The Satir Model is focused on the whole human being, tapping into their internal resources and universal yearnings to facilitate transformational change within their personal, family, and social systems. The Satir Model process facilitates development of increased levels of competence and congruence in the therapist. THIS PROGRAM WILL HELP COUNSELLORS AND THERAPISTS: Use experiential process throughout their therapy sessions to access healing Life Energy Explore and facilitate

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